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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Hi guys!!

I have always loved traveling! When my husband and I decided to have a baby, it was important to me that we didn't let that keep us from exploring the world. We have traveled a lot with her since she was born, in fact she actually flew for the first time when she was just 14 days old. So far in her short life, we have been to Idaho, Mexico, Canada, California, San Fransisco, Paris and London. Since I received so many questions about traveling with our then 8 month old Payson to Europe, I put this blog post together to show my tips and tricks of traveling with a baby! I hope you find this helpful, but feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. I will also link everything we took that made our travels a breeze. I am going to do a whole separate post for Paris and London but for now here are my tips and tricks when traveling with kids!


We decided to take Payson to Europe when we found $150 round trip tickets out of LAX to Paris (CDG). We chose to go during off season, which is November- March. We are very budget friendly so we knew this was the best option to keep our trip nice and cheap. We are signed up for Pomelo and Scotts Cheap Flights so we get an alert anytime theres a cheap flight near us. We called the airline the day we booked our flight to make sure we got the bulkhead, in the bulkhead you can request a bassinet at no extra charge. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!! Payson did not love the bassinet, but the bulk head gave us extra leg room at no extra charge and she slept on the ground in my jacket almost the whole flight. The extra leg room really helped us with all the stuff we needed to keep her busy.


We chose to stay at AIRBNB's because they are more budget friendly than hotels. We stayed a little bit outside the cities but with how great the public transit is in most cities we travel to. Use this link for $55 off your first trip booked. You can find places with bassinets or cribs if you look hard enough or book earlier enough.


Like I said, we went during off season which made it a little chillier than normal, but being from Arizona we were ready for some cold weather. Our flight out of LAX left at 9:30 am, which was perfect for Payson. Shed be ready for a nap pretty early in the flight! We packed super light knowing we would have enough on our hands with the baby. My husband and I both had roller suitcases (we love these amazon suitcases) my husband had a backpack and I had the diaper bag, I love these diaper bags, they have so much room and are easy to wipe off if you make a mess. When we go through security we put Payson in her wrap (use code "kenzie" for a discount) and fold the stroller up to go through the TSA check. We have her formula out in a plastic bag and water in one big hydroflask for her. TSA is required to let babies have liquids so just let them know it is for your little one. Have any diaper rash cream, Tylenol and any baby liquids ready to take out. We use the husband backpack for all our liquids we need out for TSA it makes it go a lot faster. Trust me everything is more stressful with a baby so be prepared!! After security you are all set to go to your gate. We use this time to let Payson crawl or run around, a lot of airports have play places if you have an older child needing to get their wiggles out. When we get to the gate we make sure we check in and let the gate check know we are traveling with a stroller (almost every airline lets you have 2 baby items, stroller and carseat or stroller and playpen ect.) Also, when counting baggage you are allowed to have one travel bag for the child, so that would be our diaper bag, with no fees. We decided to not bring our carseat, we didnt buy a seat for her and we weren't taking any cars in Europe so we didnt bring it, this is a personal choice, your family can decide for themselves. Most airlines will let families board the flight first, we actually chose not to do this because then shed just be sitting until the flight took off (which can be a while!) So we boarded last. With her in the wrap we dropped our stroller at gate check and braced ourselves for a 12 hour flight!! SNACKS were our lifesaver. Puffs, melts, cheerios and pouches were our best friend. Don't forget your disinfectant wipes to wipe down everything your baby is about to touch. We also make sure we pack an extra set of clothes for our babe because we all know blow outs happen with you least expect them! Traveling with a baby might be a little more stressful but at the end of the day it is so worth it. I didn't regret taking her to any of trips, be patient things will go wrong but try to enjoy this time it'll be such a fun memory to look back on.

Let me know if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them

xx- Kenzie

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