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Updated: May 4, 2020

This is by far my most requested post. I try to link everything on my instagram but I decided to write out this post to show you some of my favorites. I am going to do two separate templates, one for amazon clothes and the other for Instagram small shops. I will point out I shop 99% instagram shops, I know most moms want amazon so I'm doing this for you! Unfortunately, because I don't buy a ton on amazon I can't review the quality or sizing so check on both of those things in the reviews on the product.

**I have more baby clothes, boy & girl, linked on my amazon store front. You can shop that HERE**


1. I have seen this onesie on multiple baby clothes sites but priced so much higher, this one comes in multiple colors and less than $10

2. This swimsuit is to die for. So simple, no frills, and comes in 3 colors for under $10.

3. Always need a good 2 piece set. I love being able to have full outfits to just throw on. I love the neutral colors on this set. It comes in over 10 colors and styles. Under $12 (varies by size)

4. Another great set, this one is 3 piece set with a bow included. I just ordered this one and am so excited to get it!

5. The perfect summer outfit. Gingham is adorable and I am loving how lightweight this one is. Under $12

6. Probably my favorite onesies ever! Theres over 10 colors, but I love the mauve one. These are less than $10 and are so cute for summer.

7. White is dangerous, but for under $10 ill take it. I love this light weigh, gauze material for summer! So cute!

8. I am loving this color, so fun and such a cute statement outfit! This one is less than $12

9. This is the sweetest outfit ever. Ribbed material always lasts forever and that sleeve gives it such a feminine look. Under $10!


1. This is one of my favorite shops, I couldn't pick just one outfit so I linked the entire page.

2. I love this shop and the are Arizona Native. I love their pricing as well, the rust shorts shown in that photo are only $15! The quality is amazing.

3. I have way too much from this shop!!! The owner is amazing and love the quality of everything!

4. This Australian owned company is so chic and modern. They have the best styled clothes. I am obsessed.

5. This shop called ATNOON, reminds me a lot of babyzara. It is kinda funky but super cute. We own a lot of stuff from them. One of my all-time favorites for sure.

6. My go to bloomers are from CUTIEBUM, they carry the cutest baby clothes at a cheap price. I love all their basics.

I have so many more favorite baby shops from Instagram so I will be doing more posts on those as well. You can always shop directly from who I tag on Instagram & if you have a question about where something is from I will normally get to my comments or DM's.

xx- kenzie

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