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The Best Baby Monitor In The Game

You guys I am here to talk about and give you my review on the Cubo Ai baby monitor,  AKA the best baby monitor in the game right now. 

When I was pregnant I honestly never really looked into baby monitors. I knew she’d sleep right next to my bed and I could just lean over and look at her. I put a cheap one on my registry and went on my way.


Previous to finding the Cubo, I purchased the YI Monitor from Amazon that had ZERO features, a bright blue light on it & took 5 years to load for me to see Payson. 

This was our old monitor

This is our new Cubo AI Monitor! 

I dealt with our YI for a while until it literally just broke one day. Payson is one now and we just started letting her sleep with a blanket, which honestly has been one of my worst fears. Sleeping alone in her crib, piece of cake, but letting her sleep with a blanket just scared me. She loves the comfort of the blanket but I was always worried about it covering her face or getting tangled up in it. I had a friend from my home town that had this happen and unfortunately lost her baby. It has made me paranoid ever since. Thanks to our new Cubo, I am much more at ease with the help of their alerts that come straight to my phone, and super clear camera which I’m able to see exactly what Payson is doing in her crib!!!

This baby monitor you guys, I’ve gotta tell you, UNREAL!!!! Here’s my honest review of how amazing this monitor is broken down into 5 points.

Setting up the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor: 5 Minute Set-up

From the very start the set up was easy peasy!!! There’s 3 different ways to mount it, on a dresser or shelves, mounted to the crib & on a floor mount that overlooks the crib. I went with the last option & I switched back and forth to the dresser and back depending if we go out of town etc. Putting the monitor together was a breeze, no tools required and took a total of 5 minutes.

Best baby monitor app ever? Super easy to use!

The app is so easy to use! I just downloaded it from the App Store and from there it just took me through a few steps to connect it.

The app oh my heavens you guys. Is there a feature it doesn't have??? It will tell you what the temp in the room is and what the humidity is and let you know if one of those is too high or low. This feature is the best because it gets hot here in Arizona and when she was a newborn I always worried she was wearing too many layers or not enough layers so this feature is amazing!

Cubo Ai Feature Review: My favorites & why!

The notifications!!! What would I do before this? Payson just turned one and I just allowed blankets in her bed and it stresses me out to the maxxxxx!!! Before the notifications I would sneak into her room to make sure she was okay. I had the YI monitor and it just wasn't enough security for me. My friend that had their baby pass away hit me really hard, it was right when I found out I was pregnant and it has always been my worst fear.  It sends a notification right to my phone if it looks like she's covered, it also alerts me when she cries! Sometimes she just coos in her crib so it gives me peace of mind when I can check in on her and see she is just playing or if she really needs me.

The last feature to talk about is the 18-hour playback function.

I can see a recording of her entire night if I wanted to go back and see what was going on. This is such an awesome feature because I can see her wake patterns and see how much she's actually sleeping during the night. This would have been amazing when she was a newborn, now she is a pretty good sleeper but when we started sleep training I had no idea when she was awake and when she wasn't. My monitor wasnt good enough quality to see if she still had her binky in the crib and if there was a chance she could self soothe. It is really nice to see first hand and understand if she got a good night's sleep or she was up wriggling all night. A good night's rest is really important and if she didn't sleep well at night we make sure we get some good naps in! BONUS!!!!!!! Cubo mentioned the new awesome sleep feature that is launching in June!!! This provides insights on the babys sleep to help parents better understand their child's sleep patterns and quality. I am so excited to use this feature. 

Connecting the family!

The Cubo app is wonderful for families. You can connect with as many people as you'd like to see the monitor in action. I have my husband and my sister because she babysits a lot. It's extra great that when I'm at work I can see her on her monitor. My husband absolutely loves this monitor, the YI that we had didn't let him connect so he could never see her and when I was at work he would have me check in on her. It was such a hassle! The Cubo has made this so much easier. My husband is for sure the tech master in the family and was so disappointed in our previous camera. He had so much fun installing this monitor and I'll catch him on his phone peeking at her after we put her down. This would be a stellar father's day gift!!! 

Cubo Ai: Let’s talk about how cute the design is!

I had to add in one extra just because it deserves a mention of how sleek it looks!!! It's white and wooden, so beautiful and completely matches the vibe of her room. 

Cubo Ai Review: My Conclusions

I can't recommend the Cubo Ai Baby Smart Monitor enough. I feel so safe using it and being able to check in on Payson when I need to. I don't have to go in and check on her anymore, I know she's getting a safe rest. This allows me to get so much more done around the house, so much less worrying! I work part time and I love being able to check in on her and see how sweet she looks on the Cubo AI. I will 1000% use this monitor forever and for every baby after her.

Cubo Ai was awesome and provided me with a discount code for you guys, it ends up being 36% off which would  drop the price down from $299 to $184 USD! The code is CUBOKENZIE. I will link the monitor here for you to check out!

This blog post was sponsored by Cubo Ai.

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