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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

HI Guys!!

I did a Q&A on Instagram last week and the number one question I got was how I edit my photos! I decided to do a blog post for the people who don't know how to use Lightroom Presets. I'll do some slides showing exactly what steps to take. Here is a link to the presets I use WCW Presets. (CODE "KENZIE" WILL GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT) My favorite one is Primrose Spring but I would buy the Spring pack because it'll give you more options depending on the lighting.


1. Download the Adobe Lightroom app. The app should look like this >>>>>>>

2. Get a Preset from WCW Presets download the preset of your choice

3. After it is downloaded click "open in app" and a photo should open in your Lightroom app

4. A photo should pop up, click the 3 buttons In the

right corner and click "create preset" Name the preset, for instance "Primrose Spring"

5. It should pop up and say "added to user presets" Go to the photo you want edited and scroll over to "presets" make sure on the top of the drop down you select "user presets" and thats where it should be!

Practice makes perfect so keep trying different lighting until you feel like you've got it down!!

Here is a before and after of using my favorite "Primrose Spring"

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