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HI, Im Pregnant!

We’ve been keeping a secret. 


Agh I can’t believe we’re doing this again!! I’m so excited & so nervous to be a mom of 2. This pregnancy has been pretty similar to Paysons but a few new little things here and there. I’m going to share how we found out  & how I’ve been feeling. 

How we found out?!

To be completely honest we weren’t necessarily “trying.” Yes we know how babies are made so we weren’t avoiding it, we both agreed that once we were 9 months from pay turning 2 we would be okay with it if that’s what Gods plan was for us. We got pregnant relatively quick, which I’m so immensely thankful for. 

We were in California for my birthday the week before we found out and something just felt off. I don’t know what it was but we drove home on my birthday cause it was Labor Day and I was just in a mood. I got on Instagram and had some mean comments on a video I posted of Payson and burst into tears. I’ve never let something someone said on ig get me down before. I was very very emotional about it I had to stay off my comments for a few days.

Fast forward a week and we had family pictures done by Alcia Thomas. I thought in my head how cute it’d be to tell deej during the photo. I was 3 days from “supposed to” start my period and thought heck why not just take a test. Our photos were Friday so I took my test early Thursday morning. I took the digital kind that said “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. I didn’t take that with Payson and DJ made me take like 5 tests because the line was too faint. Waited two minutes and to my surprise it was POSITIVE. 

I was shocked. I immediately texted Alicia and set up the surprise to tell DJ. She was the first person I told I was pregnant!!!!! I went to my sisters and told her later that day too haha I can’t keep it from her. 

I took 2 more tests before telling Deej on Friday! He was so happy!!!! He was ready for another babe to join our fam but he was definitely SHOCKED. 

How I’ve been feeling?!

I am 12 weeks + 3 days. Honestly I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. I had a great pregnancy with Payson and this has been very similar. I’ve gotten sick 3 times, one after a 40+ hour travel day so I don’t know if that counts haha but overall I’m very lucky for that. 

I have been exhausted. I have never been more tired in my life. I know we went to Turkey and I had a hard time adjusting when we got home but this has been extreme. Ive been out of the country multiple times and never had this hard of a time adjusting back. This is something I wish I could have shared with all of you. I was struggling to even open my phone and get on Instagram. I wish I could have explained it because whooo it hit me like a bus. I was pregnant and working and going to college with Payson and I was not this tired.  

That being said, I am feeling much more energy!!! There’s been a lot I’ve said no to and have had to listen to my body when it tells me to go to bed at 7:30. I’m a night owl so this has been a big switch. But I’m starting to get out of my first trimester and feeling that energy come back a bit!

Ive also gotten the worst coldsores.I already get them so bad but pregnant I don't know if my hormones are out of wack or what but they are so bad. If anyone gets coldsores they know how horrible they are and they last so long. THE WORST part of pregnancy for me.

We had our first Ultrasound at 10 weeks, it was amazing to hear the heartbeat and see the baby. We are going to a different doctor than with Payson since she was born in Idaho so its all new to me. I really like this new doctor and our appointment went well. My due date is May 21st.

So grateful & so excited. 

I have been dying to share the news with you all. It’s been the hardest secret to keep ever, but I’m so excited for this new chapter of our lives and feel so happy to be pregnant again!!!! 

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