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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

I put this list together of my favorite travel items for you & your babes!!!

- Power Converter: If you are traveling to a different country this is a MUST! You want to make sure your phone is nice and charged

- Sound Machine: I linked my favorite one, the reason I love this is because it can be powered by either batteries or plug in. It works great for the airplane, when you don't have a plug in, or at the hotel where you can plug it in. No need to bring 2 different sound machines.

- Travel Snacks: Heres a few that kept Payson pretty busy

- Travel Cup: This was great for us because we were always on the move we didnt sit down much to give her snacks, she could do it all herself.

- Bibs: Unless you want to carry around 3 different outfits all day every day, keep them clean with bibs!

- Stroller Cover: Honestly if you are going to take one thing away from this blog post it needs to be this!! We went to Paris in the winter and without this plastic cover we would have been wrecked. It barely rained but it kept the wind out and kept people from touching my daughter. This is a MUST HAVE

- Sleeping Bag: Again, it was cold when we were in Europe. I loved this sleeping bag, it hooked up to the stroller so she wasn't able to just kick it off.

- My Favorite Diaper Bag: I loved my Fawn for our trip. It fit EVERYTHING and wiped down so easy. (I earn a commission when you follow the link to make a purchase)

- Stroller: I will never recommend another stroller for traveling. This baby folds up so small but still has the quality of a big stroller. It lays down all the way! Money well spent on this!

- Bassinet: This bassinet is made by the same company as the stroller. It fold so small, it is considered a carryon white traveling. We didnt take this to Europe but I wish we had!


HERE is the link for that!

If you have questions or want anything else linked let me know & I can add more of my favorites!

xx- Kenzie

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